St. Vincent’s ‘Daddy’s Home’ Is Openly Comparing Joe Biden to the Carter Administration & That’s Not Ok

Annie Clark, known professionally as St. Vincent, has released her sixth studio album Daddy’s Home. A blend of funk and soul, this album is an homage to a bygone era of big hair, polyester shirts, and drug-addled visits to the bathroom. St. Vincent has promoted this album with a new Faye Dunaway-esque NYC glam image. When combined with unique arrangements featuring sitar-guitar, mellotron, background singers, and her signature guitar playing, St. Vincent suavely transports the listener to the turbulent 1970s.

Daddy’s Home has quickly achieved critical acclaim despite a massive backlash from the progressive left as this album clearly mocks the Biden/Harris administration by comparing it to Jimmy Carter and his “destructive” policies.

This is not ok.

Biden’s policies are referenced in lyrics throughout the album, especially the first track “Pay Your Way In Pain”:

I went to the store, I was feelin’ kinda hungry
But I didn’t have the money and the shelves were all empty
So I went to the bank to ch-ch-ch-check my checking
The man looked at my face, said, “We don’t have a record”

Her commentary on the current state of rising consumer prices, absurd increase in inflation, rising tensions in the middle-east, and gas shortages throughout the nation has certainly caught the attention of listeners. The fact that the country has gone from energy independence to citizens lined up around the block to fill a tank of gas in less than 5 months is definitely of concern, but we need to have faith in Joe Biden. Perhaps this is all part of the healing process in dealing with the previous administrations’ failures including economic stability, no wars, and record levels of employment among minorities. Perhaps Biden will get things back on track and start bombing the Middle East? That would truly be a sigh of relief for the country.

St. Vincent (Annie Clark) mocks the Biden/Harris administration by donning Carter-era regalia. Photograph: Zachery Michael

We all know that art is only art when it criticizes center-right politics and St. Vincent’s gall in undermining the Biden/Harris administration and all the progress they’ve made, is certainly a blow to the nation as well as indie rock. While the album is incredibly produced with elegant melodies, progressive arrangements, and is an overall triumph of creativity, Daddy’s Home is not art!

It’s clear that St. Vincent has been radicalized by the far right.

God help us all.